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Do you have a moonstone tucked away at the back of a drawer?  If you do, then dig it out, hold it close and read this heartfelt adventure, because you are invited to dive wholeheartedly into the magical world of Moontide, where almost anything can happen with a moonstone in your hand.


Join four unlikely friends as they are thrown together on a beach far away from their homes in London amidst the chaos of the Covid pandemic as it hits the UK. Troubled, lost, sad and with hearts searching for more; they unknowingly kickstart a chain of events which sees them swept up into this new and spellbinding world, one that has been waiting patiently for their arrival for a very long time. With royal dragons, howling wolves, evil magic maker pirates, a sea nymph, a bog monster, flying cats and a war to wage, the children must find out who they really are before they can embrace the magic they hold within. 


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Faye and Ella

My Story

As a mother of two girls, I am surrounded by magic and imagination every day. I have always loved writing and most of my published writing (Conde Naste, TNT, Music Week, local papers) have been travel related. However, I have always written novels and poems and my head has always been proudly in the clouds, dreaming and believing.

From the age of eight, I tapped away at a type writer constantly,  handing out my 'mini novels' to anyone who would read them. Things have changed a bit since those stapled, glued and patched together offerings, and having spent a few years following my musical dreams I am back to writing again. The Children Of Moonstone Beach will be my first children's book and is the first in a series of five.

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"Not only will this book sweep you away, it will sweep you up into the magical world of Moontide, described so colourfully you will believe it all real. Just as I did"

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